Back Office


I find David hiding in the back office of our factory, hanging out with the talent. Yonina (really: Yoni and Nina) are our first concert at the new bakery. We sold 100 tickets in under 2 days and the anticipation is high. I’ve been going over detail after detail. I had run into Yerushalayim to make sure we had enough bowls and wooden pizza trays. I had counted every piece of cutlery in the restaurant (at some point, while people were still using them). We printed new menus, made new food, set up and re-set up the bakery until we were happy. And nervous. And happy. So while friends and Yonina fans trickled in, we fed Yonina (Yoni! Nina!) in the back with David enjoying the calm before the storm.

But I sort of love the storm. I love that I get to work with kids again and all the sometimes crazy fun that comes along with it. I love that along with the coffee¬†and exam schedules and summer plans and life plans they are good people at the start of exciting times. I love the amount of support and kindness we have received from Efrat and the Gush (I love a little less people who vociferously tell me how much they don’t love us. It happens, just keeping it real).

Last night people were so happy. Yonina (say it with me: Yoni and Nina) were adorable. The crowd loved them. They sang beautifully. I truly had a moment where I loved loved what we have built. And I don’t take that moment for granted. So maybe now is a great time to show appreciation to all my barmen, chefs, cooks, waiters, staff. To Jeremy Brody who started this magic of the Summer Music Series. To my biological kids who I ignore sometimes (ask me about the huge whiteboard infographic they created while I was at work on the scientific properties of farting) and to David who legit would always rather be hanging out in the office meeting cool people who are doing cool things.

I have scratchy color war voice from talking so much, my muscles ache, I may need to start wearing glasses (that’s less a bakery thing and more an old age thing!) but it’s Friday and I’m sitting in my backyard on the great lawn furniture that replaced the wood burning brick oven enjoying this moment as well.

Homemade Chummus

2 cans of chickpeas, drained though save the liquid

4 tsp tahina

1 clove of crushed garlic (if you love garlic, use more!)

1 tsp sea salt

6 Tbsp olive oil

3 Tbsp lemon juice

7 Tbsp of water or 7 Tbsp of the reserved liquid (a great trick a learned from Jamie Oliver)

Stick it into your food processor and process away!